Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors of The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science is the successor organization to the Engineering Council, a group that was created on March 7, 1955 by the University Trustees to “advise and assist the Trustees, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Dean in the development of the School....” The By-Laws that govern the Board of Visitors were approved by the University Trustees on March 3, 2007.
The reasons for forming an advisory group to shape the future development of the School are as valid today as they were in 1955, when the Trustees’ Committee on Education wrote:

"The practice of engineering is undergoing great changes; new areas of technical and scientific inquiry are matters of daily concern. The future is undoubtedly to see even greater developments in our technical progress. To keep reasonably abreast of these developments is not enough, we must maintain and develop our abilities to forge ahead of the normal practices of the profession."

The Board of Visitors is composed of 12 to 40 members and meets at least twice annually.

500 W. 120th St., Mudd 510, New York, NY 10027    212-854-2993