Campus Life

2011 graduate Meghan Shan gives advice to incoming freshmen and discusses her research activities in the Biomaterials and Interface Tissue Engineering Laboratory (BITEL), under the direction of Professor Helen Lu.

Columbia Engineering attracts and admits an exceptionally interesting, diverse, and multicultural group of students, and it takes steps to provide a campus environment that promotes the continued expansion of each student’s ideas and perspectives.

Starting with the residence halls, in which nearly all first-year undergraduate students live, the University assigns rooms to both Engineering and Columbia College undergraduate students, ensuring that all students will live either with or near a student attending the other program.

Once students have moved into their new campus home they will find themselves part of a residential system that offers undergraduates a network of social and academic support. Designed to make students aware of the vast number of social and academic opportunities available to them at the University, these networks provide an umbrella of comprehensive advising to help students articulate and realize their goals while at Columbia.

More information about the residence halls can be found in the chapter ‘‘Housing and Residence Life’’ in the Bulletin.   

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