Current Undergraduates

Click on the image to view a slideshow from the Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium and Fair. Students who participated in summer research programs at Columbia, other domestic universities, and internationally, had the opportunity to showcase their work at the event.

The undergraduate programs at Columbia Engineering not only are academically exciting and technically innovative but also lead into a wide range of career paths for the educated citizen of the twenty-first century. Whether you want to become a professional engineer, work in industry or government, or plan to pursue a career in the physical and social sciences, medicine, law, business, or education, you experience an unparalleled education.

Columbia Engineering firmly believes that students gain the most when engineering is brought up front, early in the four-year curriculum. Therefore, first-year students use the networked, high-performance workstations and multimedia software of the Botwinick Multimedia Learning Laboratory as part of their technical core requirements. Here students apply fundamental principles of engineering design to modeling advanced engineering and applied science problems. Later in the four-year program, students often use the Laboratory’s symbolic, numeric, and graphical computing power in ever deepening integration with classroom, laboratory, and research work of their chosen engineering program.

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Barclay Morrison
Vice Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Leora Brovman
Associate Dean of Engineering Undergraduate Student Affairs and Global Programs
Columbia Engineering Undergraduate Student Affairs
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