Waste Council Attracts Experts Worldwide

The bi-annual meeting of Columbia University’s Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT) attracted 120 participants from 14 countries to New York City recently.

The council is headquartered in the Earth Engineering Center of The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. It consists of a group of engineers, scientists and managers from industry, universities and government who work to advance the responsible management of wastes based on science and the best available technology.

Klaus S. Lackner, the Maurice Ewing and T. Lamar Worzel Professor of Geophysics and director of the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy with The Earth Institute at Columbia University, welcomed the participants at the opening of the meeting, which featured senior scientists and engineers presenting papers in the field of waste-to-energy. The conference also included a session open to the public that focused on the ability of waste-to-energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also generate renewable energy from waste materials.

President Tang Yi Ke of Chongxing University of Science and Technology spoke of the recent enormous growth of the waste-to-energy industry in China. Peter Chromek of AE VonRoll described the major undertaking of constructing a new waste-to-energy facility in the heart of Paris and on the bank of the Seine.

WTERT awarded the 2008 Outstanding Contribution Award to Artie Cole of Wheelabrator Technologies for his technical contributions and patents during the last three decades. Covanta Energy received the 2008 Industry Award for its LN and VLN technologies for reducing NOx emissions of existing and new waste-to-energy facilities. The WTERT Awards are bronze sculptures by Greek sculptor Dimitris Armakolas evoke the harnessing of power by humans.

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